WhatsApp Group

Park Hall Area Neighbourhood Watch (PHANW) introduced using the WhatsApp messaging tool in January 2018, to provide a social platform where members can report crimes and suspicious activity in real-time. WhatsApp has now grown to become an integral part of PHANW with over 800 residents joining across five groups, one for each Zone of the neighbourhood.

Members of the community can now communicate with each in real time to report crime, get assistance or share any suspicious activity, further improving the safety of our neighbourhood. WhatsApp provides residents with additional reassurance that their community is a single message away using Red, Amber or Green alerts. Safety is of paramount importance so you are supported by Admins who manage all 5 zones and cross reference crime that is reported to all zones in Park Hall. Together we are stronger.

As a member of PHANW you can join the WhatsApp group by contacting us