Street Watch

Park Hall Street Watch was launched in March 2018. It started with one volunteer and now it has grown to more than 60 Street Watch patrols. It is part of Park Hall Area Neighbourhood Watch.

What is Street Watch?

Street Watch is about local residents promoting good citizenship and supporting a better neighbourhood by patrolling their own streets. They provide visible reassurance and appropriately engage, in local issues that matter most to your community.

The presence and activities of Street Watch members will have a significant and positive impact on quality of life issues within your community. Street Watch members liaise with local police to encourage positive information sharing and partnership working. Street Watch is a way of reclaiming our streets and open spaces from those who may wish to engage in activities that undermine our community.

What is the purpose of Street Watch?

  • To prevent crime by increasing visibility and maintaining a caring and cohesive community.
  • To assist the police by promoting effective communication and the prompt reporting of activity.
  • To increase feelings of safety by promoting a sense of security and community spirit.

Volunteers need to commit to 2 mandatory hours to patrol every month, at timings of their choosing in no less than pairs.

By being proactive, Park Hall Street Watch has been able to help bring crime down and help the most vulnerable members of our community. The community now feels more cohesive and residents are taking pride in their community.

To join Street Watch, please email

Dial 999 for EMERGENCY calls,
101 for non-urgent calls to the Police.