Community Speed Watch

The PHANW community speed watch scheme launched in 2021, in response to a growing number of complaints and concerns raised by residents observing vehicles driving through Park Hall at excessive speed. Speeding on residential roads not only puts drivers at risk, but also puts our residents and children in harms way.

Volunteers from our community work in partnership with our community police team to monitor the speed of vehicles travelling through Park Hall. Using approved devices, any vehicles that are driven in excess of the speed limit will have their details captured for the police to follow up on. The primary aims of the scheme are to reduce the speed of vehicles in our area, to educate drivers on the consequences of speeding and to make Park Hall a safe area for everyone.

For this to work and be sustainable we need a growing team of volunteers who can spare a couple of hours weekly/monthly around their own busy schedules. If you are able to help please email with your name, address, mobile number and email and we will be in touch. To participate you will need to be a member of PHANW