History of PHANW

The PHANW was formed in the latter part of 1994.  Prior to this the Neighbourhood Watch for the Park Hall area was supervised by the Walsall Police on the basis that each road or street would have a person who would report any incidents direct to the Walsall Police.  It is thought that the street scheme was introduced in 1990.

In January of 1996 the Park Hall Neighbourhood Watch was formed with a Chairman, vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Information Officer and a Recruitment Organiser together with four Committee members.

Subsequently Street Co-ordinators were recruited with some becoming Committee Members.  It was also agreed that Zone Managers would be appointed with Park Hall having four zones. The Zone Managers would also become Committee members.

In 1998 it was agreed that a Ringmaster system be introduced.  The equipment was placed in the home of Margaret Dew in St Ives Road. This replaced a messaging type arrangement whereby each Co-ordinator would contact one person who would then relay the message to another who would pass this on.  This proved time consuming with the message not always being relayed correctly!

During these years the Police would attend monthly Park Hall Neighbourhood Watch Meetings held in the evenings in Park Hall Schools  Both Infants and Junior had a covenant placed on them, ensuring that local meetings could be held at the Schools.  This covenant was subsequently withdrawn when the schools became Grant Maintained and thereafter gained Academy status.  This placed on the NHW Committee a need to find another location which could be used for meetings.

Over a 25 year period many residents gave their time to be Co-ordinators and Committee members.   The initial Chairman Pip Ennals together with Barry Baldwin are no longer with us. The formation of the Park Hall NHW was well founded, much of its success was brought about by  good stewardship.  This has been continued by the Chairs and Committees who followed their predecessors.   We have perhaps the best run NHW in the Walsall Borough.